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All containers used for berry picking are supplied by Stonehaven Farms and must be pre-purchased before picking. You pick directly into your container which is yours to keep along with your berries.


The appropriate fill level will be demonstrated upon entry into the fields. Everyone is entitled to be treated fairly in obtaining a well filled pail, although we reserve the right to ask you to remove any quantity in excess. Our baskets have a "4 finger" rule in which you must be able to get all 4 fingers under and around the handle.


There are no refunds on purchases, however we do realize that at the end of a picking season it may be more difficult and time consuming to find berries. In this case, special reduced pricing may be introduced to further provide fairness.


Policies and Pointers for Picking:

  • It is understood that sampling is a way to know that the berries you are picking suit your taste, however, eating large amounts of berries in the process is not permitted.
  • Families with children (including strollers), are encouraged to enjoy the harvest, although we do not permit diapers, wet wipes or diaper bags into the field for sanitary reasons.
  • Stonehaven does not allow any food or beverages in the fields, with the exception of formula and juices in a baby bottle . Alcohol consumption is prohibited on the property.
  • In order to care for our guests’ health, we provide cold drinking water at no additional charge in the field. This is available from water coolers and dispensed into paper drinking cups.
  • We encourage people to pick in the morning and to drink plenty of water prior to field entry.
  • There are field attendants present to answer any questions and to insure that your picking experience is clean, safe, orderly and above all, enjoyable.
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